Based on the client's requirement we work out the most appropriate method and route for the secured delivery of the goods to their destination, we choose the most favorable means and technology, we organize and manage the fully comprehensive freight forwarding service.

According to the terms and conditions of the deal, we organise a combined transportation chain involving several freight methods.

Our aim is to provide high-quality and cost-efficient fully comprehensive service to our Client.

Benship Hungary Kft. - szállítmányozás

Our activity includes the freight forwarding with different freight methods from the origin up to the destination as well as the complementary services, and it also includes the road and railway freight (pre- and on-carriage), the arrangement of terminal handling (loading, lashing offloading, interim storage), inland waterway or marine freight, operation of on-carriage and provision of all the necessary documentation.

Collaborating partners: road and railway carriers, fluvial freight companies, marine freight companies, brokers, freight forwarders, harbour service providers, agencies, insurance companies.

We operate our freight activity as a mediated service.