Shipping safety, carrying and transporting goods and acting as forwarder with responsibility is only possible with an excellently trained well skilled ship crew, shore personnel and forwarders.

Over the past decades, Hungarian nautical education has trained excellent professionals recognized in all Europe. With the cessation of nautical courses in higher education, this process came to a halt. Today it is only a couple of organizations and enthousiastic professionals that are in charge of the transmission of nautical expertise and the education of youth.

Benship Hungary Ltd. is dedicated to support the shipping and freight forwarding courses in Hungary. We collaborate in courses and examinations, and we help create the opportunity for future professionals to acquire the necessary experience in a real environment.

We take part in:

  • the secondary nautical education as instructors.
  • the higher education in economics and logistics which concerns shipping and freight as external lecturer.
  • the official nautical examination at the National Transportation Authorities as examination officials.


Budapest University of Technology

At Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the course related to shipping is currently taking place in the department of Transport Technology and Economics within the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering.

We regularly teach the specialities of shipping and river transportation to future economists and logistics professionals.

As external consultants we collaborate in the preparation of theses and as examination officials we take part in the final examinations.

Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem

Hungarian Nautical Academy

The Nautical Academy was founded in 2008 in order to help young people interested in shipping acquire the skills and qualifications they need to find employment.

Besides the ship master and sport ship master courses, the candidates of the academy can find deckman, ship radar operator technician, shipmachine operator courses as well as many others which can help them to start their nautical or maritime carreer or might contribute to the fulfillment of their nautical carreer.