By filling in the form you can request a quotation from our company for your freight and forwarding needs.

In your request for quotation, please include:

  • the name, quantity, packaging, characteristics of the goods to be carried (e.g: in the case of bulk cargoes the stowage factor, request for covered freight; in the case of general cargoes the dimension (Length x Width x Height), weight; in the case of dangerous products the category and class etc.)
  • route of the transport
  • expected date, period of transportation
  • any other information that might be necessary for the quotation

By filling in the same form, you can request an offer for our other services:

  • Nautical expert service
  • Ship agent activity
  • Ship brokerage
  • Ship insurance

Would you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions related to shipping or our expert service. Besides the online form, you can contact us by phone or in a written form.