Ship insurance

In Hungary and the Danube region the so-called wealth-based insurance is the most widespread. On the Rhine, insurance schemes taking into account the shipping specifications have been applied for several decades: the most representative specifications are the following:

  • ship and body structure (Schiffkasko)
  • machinery breakdown ("Maschienenbruch)
  • liability concerning damages caused to third party (P&I)
  • insurance on crew's possessions and valuables on ship

As a contractual partner of Western European insurance companies, our aim is to establish insurance schemes in the Danube region which protect the interests of ship owners more efficiently.

In case of enquiry, we provide you with a detailed quotation, we mediate in the working out of contract conditions being supported the ship and the owner. In case of existing insurances, we perform the full process of damage settlement.

We do not charge the ship owners with a service fee for our insurance mediation activity.